Reincarnation, multiple lives and a film split into several eras ranging from the Mughal times via the pre independent India (Lahore in this case) and to present day cosmopolitan Mumbai, all these ingredients may sound very intriguing for a film lover but when these instruments are played in tandem without any melody or synch of chords and notes, the result can turn out to be a costume drama or a dance drama at best.

By now possibly everyone knows what Dangerous Ishq is all about, thanks to the relentless marketing and promotions of the Bhatt camp and to the fact that it is the comeback film of Karisma Kapoor.

Sanjana (Karisma) is a supermodel and Rohan (Rajneesh) is the love of her life. The latter is a rich brat. Rohan gets kidnapped after Sanjana and he spend a few dramatic moments and before you know it, Sanjana starts to hallucinate. I shall call it hallucination and not past life regression since the story hardly delves into the nuances and subtleties of the concept as Satyajit Ray had done. To cut a long story short, Dangerous Ishq travels back and forth unraveling the many lives of Sanjana and Rohan. They have been destined to be in love with each other, for how many lives we don’t know and after seeing too many we simply don’t care, and in all the lives they are destined for doom. Rohan’s kidnappers demand a ransom and ACP Singh (Jimmy Shergill) is not interested in the game. Sanjana takes cues from her past lives and joins the team of cops to save her Rohan.

Vikram Bhatt had an intriguing premise. The premise was unique and defied the laws of formulaic cinema. But a genuine and promising premise can be completely spoilt by bland dialogues, weak screenplay, poor acting and bad music. To top it all, Vikram himself possibly lost thick of the things as he transcended the story to its culmination.

No one is impressive in the film. Karisma Kapoor would have been a delight in anything but in the midst of a wardrobe session, changing and getting into several attires. The costume makers should have made a lot of money with Dangerous Ishq. Karisma could also have opted for any other costar and Rajneesh certainly seems to be a wrong choice. He impressed in ‘1920’ and one wonders what went wrong with this one. Possibly he didn’t get paid much hence the expressions in the offing were very few, for some people they may not be there at all. The other costars don’t help, the proceedings do not elevate your experience and the ending hardly affects you since you want to walk out of the auditorium.

Dangerous Ishq is possibly a missed opportunity for Karisma and Vikram, the former wanted to come back to Bollywood and the latter wanted to show that he can do a lot more than make horror films.

Dangerous Ishq is not a dangerous love story but it is certainly dangerous for your weekend plans.


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