No doubt about it, the most talked about film in recent history with Dabangg, Ready, and Bodyguard combined, is Ra One. Shah Rukh Khan has gone around in everywhere he can to promote the movie and let us tell you, he did it for a reason.

A lot was put into Ra One, not just by its actors but the entire crew. The movie at core is made for the kids but not without leaving a global audience out of mind. Superhero films have not been too popular in Hindi cinemas except a couple hits but Ra One looks to change that.

Any Shar Rukh Khan movie is just about guaranteed to be top notch in the acting department but Ra One takes many aspects of the film industry to new heights. The acting of Kareena Kapoor is superb and the screenplay, the story, and the visual effects match those of Hollywood blockbusters. The music, like almost all Shah Rukh Khan films, is at the top of the charts. Nearly every song of the film is good enough to hold the number one spot but Chammak Chhallo has to be the leading song from the film.

Chammak Chhallo is what defines Ra one, without it, the movie is incomplete. The song has set a trend with its unique dance to go with it. For the rest of the songs, like we said, each and everyone of them is top notch.

The characters in Ra One are very comfortable on screen and easily draw a connection with the viewers. Yes, the movie is a superhero flick which are targeted for kids, but this is different. The characters superb acting can draw a crowd of any sort. This movie is not just for kids, it’s for any movie goer regardless of their age.

There are only so many words that can describe Ra One: stunning, exhilarating, spectacular. Shah Rukh Khan in Ra One took the bar to new heights. All the promotions were used properly for this film as it is one the best looking Bollywood films to date.

Wrap up: An absolute beauty!

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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