SURPRISE! It's your birthday Asish Sharma

Birthday is a surprising day for everyone. Lot is in store as a surprise. The same is true for Ashish Sharma (Chadrapgupta Muarya, Imagine). Probably this would have been his most exciting surprise on his birthday till date.

A secret plan was made by Ashish’s friends, with his serial co-actors and other crew members. His friends decided to fly to Baroda to give him this surprise. All of them (friends, co-actors and unit members) blindfolded him. Ashish reportedly felt as if he is a small kid. After blindfolding him, he was taken into a room fully decorated for the purpose of surprise.

This superbly designed and decorated room gave Ashish a feeling as if a kid gets a grand surprise on his birthday. It were really emotional moments for Ashish.

Ashish, on this occasion was missing his family very badly. He reportedly told that his family was not in a condition to fly from home to Baroda, neither could he go to meet them due to his busy schedule.

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