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Apni TV has a great presence on the internet and search engines. Don't belive us? Just type in "hindi serials" or "hindi dramas" in google and see where we rank up in the results page. This is just a small example of showing how Apni TV is trusted by search engines, and hundreds of thousands of users.

Advertising on Apni TV can be a very effective and smart solution to bring your site up to the standards. Instead of advertising with generic ad companies, why not strike a direct deal with us? Here are the benefits.

  • Flat monthly rate. We don't charge you per click or impressions.
  • Your ad is not juggled, it is a raw link linking back to your site. Think page-rank.
  • No long-term contract required. Although you may choose to do it that way.
  • Benefit from the highly relative south-asian traffic.
  • Monitor your ad performance.
  • Easily pay with PayPal. CreditCard payments are also accepted.
Performance Growth

These are just a few reasons to choose Apni TV to be your ad publisher. If you own a website that has content relative to Apni TV, you can garnish a lot of in-bound loyal visitors to your site. Don't forget, linking with Apni TV will boost your results in all major search engines. Your site will get more traffic all-around and perform much better in the future. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Pricing and Format

We offer various effective and efficient methods to advertise on Apni TV. Find out what suits your needs and budget.
728x90Single page$350$900
728x90Entire site$900$1500
468x60Single page$250$600
468x60Entire site$600$1200
Text Link1st sponsorN/A$150
Text Link2nd sponsorN/A$125
Text Link3rd sponsorN/A$100
Text LinkSubsequent sponsorN/A$50
At a special promotional price, we are offering complete ad placement and sponsorship on the entire site for $2000/week. You will get maximum exposure and benefit from the high traffic and link-backs.

Sponsored text links are shown only on the http://apni.tv/links page.

Complete website sponsorship is also available. That includes all ad spots (728x90, 468x60, 300x250, 160x600). All third-party ads will be removed and only your ads will be shown in that instance. Contact us for pricing, or inquiring about any other spot/location ad deal.